28 Brave Soldiers And Animals That Became Best Friends Overseas

soldiers and animals

The men and women that go to war are incredibly brave, after all war is absolute hell, far worse than most of us could ever even imagine. Just because soldiers are selflessly brave doesn’t mean they don’t need love–in fact, they need as much love and support as they can get given the circumstances they are put through.

Homeless animals are often caught in the turmoil of war, and just like the soldiers they are looking for love, comfort and some sense of security. Naturally, soldiers and animals gravitate to one another, forming unbreakable bonds. It’s a win-win situation for all, the soldiers get a new friend to comfort them on the toughest days, and the homeless animals can be adopted and given the care, food and love they need.

Animals are incredibly therapeutic, this fact has been proven time and time again. Case and point, animals provide soldiers with the support necessary to get through some truly difficult times. These photos of soldiers and animals that became best friends overseas will warm your heart.

1. Marines gather together and feed breakfast to an adorable stray puppy


Photo Credit: petfriendsmagazine.com

2. This soldier’s friend took this photo and captioned it: “Stray kitten sleeping on my buddy, Afghanistan 2009”


Photo Credit: imgur.com

3. This soldier has a lot of animal friends who want to share that small bag of chips with him!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

4. Solider befriends a little puppy overseas


Photo Credit: reddit.com

5. Soldier posted this photo to imgur with the caption, “My shy friend in Afghanistan.”


Photo Credit: imgur.com

6. Soldier with his rescued puppy tucked inside his backpack


Photo Credit: patch.com

7. Soldier hangs out with his loving and loyal dog


Photo Credit: unknown

8. This photo was shared through imgur with the caption, “My friend rescuing a dog in the streets of Afghanistan”


Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. A French soldier feeding his adopted kitten during the Vietnam War


Photo Credit: swallowthesky.org

10. All the love you could ever need!


Photo Credit: wildini.blogspot.com

11. Soldier troops on with kitten in tow


Photo Credit: unknown

12. Body warmth! Russian soldiers cuddle up with a puppy and take a snooze during WWII


Photo Credit: 

13. Photo shared to reddit with the caption, “When I was in Iraq, we had a pet donkey.”


Photo Credit: reddit.com

14. Marine gives his four-legged working partner a lift back to the kennels after a rough two-hour search

Dogs work as soldiers on the front line too. Dogs are often trained to use their super powerful nose to smell out things humans could never find alone.


Photo Credit: Lucca K458

15. A dog sadly says his goodbyes to his good soldier friend


Photo Credit: imgur.com

16. Solider feeds a pack of hungry puppies


Photo Credit: unknown

17. Adorable kittens found and befriended in Afghanistan


Photo Credit: imgur.com

18. This adopted puppy was known for finding any hiding spot he could in order to stay out of the heat


Photo Credit: imgur.com

19. Tired soldier and puppy take a quick nap


Photo Credit: imgur.com

20. This adorable puppy kept soldiers company on a mountaintop north of Kabul, Afghanistan


Photo Credit: imgur.com

21. Soldier and kitty making friends


Photo Credit: imgur

22. Soldier loving on his silly little kitty


Photo Credit: imgur.com

23. Soldier in Yemen holding two cute puppies


Photo Credit: imgur.com

24. This is what true friendship looks like


Photo Credit: Christy Bormann 

25. Free kisses for soldiers!


Photo Credit: Andy Masson

26. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier shares a moment with her dog


Photo Credit: imgur

27. Image shared through reddit with caption, “My buddy is stationed in Bahrain. He found this guy in the trash and he’s been taking care of him.”

Who saved who?


Photo Credit: reddit.com

28. Friends at first sight, cat crawled up on soldier’s shoulders and stayed there


Photo Credit: wingless7

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