World’s Smallest Deer Species Born In NYC Zoo Weighing 1 Pound


Talk about a dear deer! Queens Zoo in New York City got the most adorable delivery on May 12 when a tiny male deer fawn was born weighing only 1 pound. The Pudu is the world’s smallest deer species, and the New York Zoo is lucky enough to now have 3 of them in their care. The latest birth has generated a lot of buzz around the Internet as people all over the world go gaga for this 1-pound cutie-pie.

Right now the little fawn is only consuming mother’s milk, but before long he will be enjoying a diet of grain, kale, leaves, carrots and hay. The newborn male deer measured 6 by 6 inches (or 15.24 x 15.24 centimeters) at birth. As an adult he will measure around 12 to 14 inches from his shoulder. As he grows the white brown spots dotting his fur will disappear.

Pudu are a subspecies of the South American deer. This breed typically lives a rather solitude life, only socializing when the time comes to mate. While the world’s smallest deer species is somewhat anti-social they are downright adorable! They bark when they are scared, shiver when they become anger, and are so small the horned owl is among their many predators.


This tiny deer was also born at the Queens Zoo just one month earlier


The video below shows a Pudu fawn born a few years ago at the Detroit Zoo


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