Sleepy Fox Climbs Up To Second Story Window Ledge In London To Take A Nap


London-resident Rachel Johnson is an author, editor and fox spotter! A sleepy fox taking a nap is a rare sighting anywhere, even if you are out in fox territory, but it is especially rare to see one in the middle of a bustling city, and even rarer on the second story window ledge of a building.

Rachel spotted the fox sleeping on a window ledge in Notting Hill on an ordinary Thursday. It still remains unknown how the fox got up or down from his odd napping location. In an interview with the Evening Standard Johnson surmised, “It must have got up via the scaffolding on the house next door.”

A napping fox is a rare sighting in Notting Hill but foxes in general are fairly common in the area. Johnson explains, “There are lots of them in the neighbourhood, always in the gardens – they seem to own the place. But when I saw this one it was hard to feel the same sense of rage.”

“People were coming out of their houses with telephoto cameras – but luckily no-one decided to shoot it! It was rather a sitting duck there on the ledge.”

sleeping-fox-window-ledge-notting-hill-1Here is the adorable fox spotted sleeping on a window ledge in Notting Hill, London.

sleeping-fox-window-ledge-notting-hill-2At first sight you might not believe what you are seeing, but it is indeed a fox sleeping up there. Like any other animal (or human) a fox is only going to sleep where they feel no fear of threat, and for most that’s tucked away in their dens. This particular sleepy fox obviously feels more comfortable than most in urban environments.

sleeping-fox-window-ledge-notting-hill-3Photo Credits: Rachel Johnson, Twitter

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