Sleeping Lizard Discovered Using A Rose For A Bed Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day


One family from Texas got a unique surprise after looking inside of a pretty garden rose. There are certain things you might expect to find inside of a rose, like maybe a little ant, or spot of dirt. A lizard is not one of the first things to come to mind, until now that is.

Imgur user Cmycherrytree recently shared a photo of a pretty red rose her daughter Angel picked for her and presented as a token of her affection. When mother and daughter went to smell the rose they realized it held something unexpected in store, a Green Anole lizard tucked perfectly inside.

The lizard was fast asleep, clearly enjoying the plush rose bed with built in petal layers just like fragrant sheets. Cmycherrytree said, “It looked so cozy and peaceful we couldn’t bear to disturb it.”

Also known as the Carolina Anole, the Green Anole is found in the southern-eastern part of the United States. This lizard sure looks sweet, but is known for being rather territorial as well as aggressive. In fact, male lizards of this particular species have been seen fighting their reflection in mirrored glass. Luckily, these adorable creatures are harmless to humans.

Take the time to smell the roses and you never know what you’ll discover!

“My daughter picked me a rose….” Cmycherrytree begins her story.


“We got a surprise when we went to smell it.”


“It looked so cozy and peaceful we couldn’t bear to disturb it.”

sleeping-lizard-rose-flower-2Photo Credits: Cmycherrytree

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