Former Rescue Cat Becomes Top Skateboarding and Surfing Feline


Photo Credit:, YouTube

Didga is quite the kitty. This former rescue cat has become what’s probably the world’s top skateboarding and surfing feline. She not only skateboards, surfs and swims, she poops in a toilet. And then flushes.

For most cats, life in a seaside Australian town is all about basking in the sunshine, but Didga seems to prefer being quite a bit more active, spending her days on the Gold Coast in Queensland, taking part in skateboarding and surfing adventures while mingling with her animal trainer owner Robert Dollwet’s doggy clients.

This multi-talented feline rose to fame last year when a video of her skateboarding garnered nearly 2.5 million views on YouTube. More recently, she’s added surfing to her repertoire and can be seen having fun on the beach with her canine friends.

Watch Didga and friends in this video that’s been viewed over 11 million times to date:

Her owner admits with pride, Didga is “most likely the most talented cat in the world.”

Recently Dollwet put together this especially inspiring video, “Didga Dreams Big,” that showcases his feline friend’s impressive range of skills:

Dollwet, a former Hollywood dog trainer, moved to Australia seven years ago for personal reasons. Finding himself down under and without a pet, he went to the local animal shelter, where he says, Didga basically insisted on being adopted.

“She was doing all she could do to get my attention,” Dollwet explained. “Well, I had to go give this cat a closer look and I was sold. Animals really do pick you if you just let them.”

Soon after that, Didga then chose her current profession as feline role model/adventure buddy. As the story goes, she and Dollwet were out and about, when a guy rode up on a skateboard, “jumped off of it and left it right in front of us while he walked into the shop. Didga without hesitation went over and got on the skateboard.”

Dollwet also said he’s worked with her a ton, using “lots of patience and lots of well-timed food reinforcement.”

While he admits it’s great advertising for his pet training school, his other focus is getting the world “excited about cats,” and especially rescue cats like Didga. He says they might get snatched up a lot faster if folks realized just how much more fun they could be having with their feline friends.