The Golden Age Of Skate Culture: 1970’s Skateboarding In California


Let’s go back in time to California during the 1970’s, a time known as the golden age of skate culture, a time that left its mark on America’s cultural identity forever.

Photographer Hugh Holland captured the spirit of skate culture in California during the 1970’s. All of his inspiring work is documented in his beautiful photo album titled: Locals Only: California Skateboarding 1975-1978.

Much like today, California was faced with a drought back in the 1970’s. It was this drought that actually helped propel the popularity of skateboard culture. As swimming holes and drainage ditches dried up, youthful individuals found new ways to enjoy them sans water.

Anyone could grab a rough wooden board with wheels and enjoy skating up and down the steep inclines. The boards of the 1970’s were a far cry from the fancy laminated boards skateboarders covet today, but that’s what made the sport so special. It didn’t take fancy gear or lots of money, it was something all young kids with no money in their pockets could enjoy.

Interestingly, Holland wasn’t a skateboarder. Instead, he was simply intrigued by the movement and therefore spent three years following skate kids in order to document a raw look at skating culture.

You can enjoy a small glimpse of Holland’s photo album here, and check out his entire album on Amazon.


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california-skateboarding-culture-skater-1970s-locals-only-hugh-holland-17Photo Credits: hughholland.comFacebook, Amazon

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