Silicon Valley Animal Shelter Offers Free Kitten Rentals

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Who could possibly resist this face? Now, you may not have to as a Silicon Valley, California animal shelter has come up with a great idea: kitten rentals.

Spring and summer at the Human Society Silicon Valley is also referred to as “kitten season,” which means that shelter resources are stretched to the max trying to deal with a huge increase in the cat population. That’s when kitten fosters are especially needed.

Shelters and rescue groups across the nation already rely on volunteers to temporarily take in their animals. Fostering is an essential way of making sure that homeless pets get socialized and loved as well as to stay healthy. It frees up space in shelters which helps bring down euthanasia rates.

A spokesperson for the animal shelter, Finnegan Dowling, told the Huffington Post of kitten rentals: “It’s the only affordable rental in the Bay Area: it’s free. We provide the food, the supplies, the vet care and the kittens. You just bring them in for regular checkups and bring them in when they’re old enough to be adopted.”

Dowling also added that the kitten rental program is a kind of “rebranding or re-marketing of kitten fosters, in an attempt to attract some new animal-lovers ready to open up their homes on a temporary basis to the wee meowsies who fill shelters this time of year.”

“We seem to have a never-ending stream of kittens available,” Dowling said. “There’s a lot of awesome people who love kittens, would have a blast doing it and would do a great job.”

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Photo Credits: Humane Society Silicon Valley via Facebook

Of course, if you rent a kitten and fall in love, you can always adopt, converting to a kind of “rent-to-own” situation, Dowling noted.