Awesome Bicycle-Mounted Device Shows Different Signals On Cyclists’ Back


Using one of these life-saving bicycle-mounted devices that shows signals on cyclists’ back could literally save your life. The invention, formally known as the ‘Cyclee,’ comes from Azerbaijani designer Elnur Babayev. The Cyclee device works by projecting different images of street signals on cyclists’ back according to his or her current actions. All of the signals can be modified using a mobile device.

This invention is especially nifty for avid bike riders because it can reduce the risk for injury or death. Biking out on the open road can be a dangerous past time. All it takes is one unexpected move or a particularly dark road to turn a calming bike ride into an automobile meets pedestrian collision. Bikers are 26 to 49 times more likely to get into an accident with an automobile. As a bike rider you can never be careful enough because motorists are almost always found at fault.

The countries that have invested the most money in cycling infrastructure have the highest number of bike riders, yet they also have the lowest number of biker mortality. Just goes to show, all it takes is a little precaution to save a life. If your country hasn’t invested much money in bike infrastructure you might want to get a Cyclee as soon as they are available to the public.

The “Cyclee” projects different street signals on cyclists’ backs, like the ones pictured below

bicycle-turn-signal-digital-projector-cyclee-elnur-babayev-1It’s this nifty little gadget that literally interprets your actions and then projects the appropriate image in response

bicycle-turn-signal-digital-projector-cyclee-elnur-babayev-2According to the designers of the Cyclee, it should easily and securely mount on most bike models. Depending on your bicycle model different mounting parts are available.

bicycle-turn-signal-digital-projector-cyclee-elnur-babayev-5You can also download the mobile app for your smartphone. The app allows you to alter street signal images, among other things.

bicycle-turn-signal-digital-projector-cyclee-elnur-babayev-6Learn more about this awesome invention here.

Photo Credits: DeviantartIndustrial Design Served, behance

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