Paddington The World’s Most Photogenic Shar Pei Has A New Best Friend… She’s A Cat


Paddington and Butler enjoy doing everything together from simply gazing out the window and guarding the neighborhood to playing hide and go seek.

shar-pei-dog-paddington-friend-annie-cat-7shar-pei-dog-paddington-friend-annie-cat-14shar-pei-dog-paddington-friend-annie-cat-15shar-pei-dog-paddington-friend-annie-cat-2Shar Pei translates to “sand skin” in Chinese. This breed of dog got its name because of the naturally rough texture of their coat. As puppies Shar Peis are extremely wrinkly, but as they get older they grow into their wrinkles (somewhat). Interestingly, The American Kennel Club did not recognize this breed until 1991.