Paddington The World’s Most Photogenic Shar Pei Has A New Best Friend… She’s A Cat


Shar pei is one of the rarest dog breeds in the whole world, making Paddington the famous dog even more special. Paddington is known for his awesome costumes and photogenic nature. His 47.7k followers on Instagram are obsessed for good reason; Paddington is downright adorable!

Paddington’s fame is once again on the rise thanks to his new best friend… a cat named Butler.

Paddington and his new BFF live with their owner Annie Jacob, as well as three other cats in Tasmania, located on the south coast of Australia. No matter what sort of kitty cat antics Butler gets into, Paddington is happy to stand by her side.

Paddington clearly enjoys Butler’s company, but many can’t help but wonder if Butler realizes Paddington is more than just a soft, wrinkly blanket to snuggle up with. In all seriousness though, these two babes are clearly in love, and it shows!