Selfless Junkyard Dog Walks 4 Miles Every Day to Help Feed Her Friends

junkyard dog final

Photo Credit: YouTube via Huffington Post

Can you imagine a homeless, hungry dog putting other stray animals before its own needs? Well, one particularly selfless junkyard dog does just that.

Lilica, a mutt who was abandoned at a junkyard in Sao Carlos, Brazil has become the city’s biggest hero. Her story, and her devotion to her friends, is a good reminder about the importance of sharing and caring.

Though Lilica was surrounded by poverty and desolation, she managed to find companionship there. Cats, chickens, other dogs and even humans soon became her friends. It may not have been much, but it was home.

One day, Lilica gave birth to a litter of puppies. With nothing to feed her babies, she started wandering far and wide in search of food for them. These were risky adventures that involved traveling for miles and crossing roads and highways at night in total darkness, but eventually her wandering led her to Lucia Helena de Souza’s backyard. Their meeting ultimately changed everything.

An avid animal lover, de Souza was said to have immediately taken to Lilica and began feeding her. Every day, the dog made the long trek across town to visit de Souza, and she’d devour the food that he put in plastic bags for her.

Before long, de Souza noticed that Lilica wasn’t finishing her food. Instead, she was walking off with the bags. Lilica’s behavior confused the caring woman, who eventually decided to follow her new canine friend all the way to the junkyard.

Incredibly, it turned out that Lilica had been carrying the food back with her so she could share it with the other junkyard animals. She’d been saving meals that she could’ve eaten herself so her friends wouldn’t go hungry.

By the time the video below was made, Lilica and de Souza had been following the same nightly routine for three long years.

The owner of the junkyard, Neile Vãnia Antônio said of Lilica: “We human beings, we almost never share things with others. Now for an animal to share with others, it’s a … life lesson for us.”

Though this sweet dog has been been making headlines since at least 2012, her message continues to resonate with its beautiful, timeless reminder to all.