17-Year-Old Self-Taught Artist From Mexico Creates Stunning Drawings Using Pencils And Watercolors


Some 17-year-olds are too busy playing games on their iPhone to think about art, others are busy teaching themselves how to create epic artwork full of breathtaking detail. Meet Dany Lizeth, a 17-year-old girl from Mexico that taught herself how to make amazingly detailed drawings of people and animals using a combination of colored pencils and watercolors.

At such a young age her artwork is pretty impressive, although the fact that she taught herself how to do it is even more incredible. In only a couple weeks time this self-taught artist is scheduled to start selling her first artwork prints. Even without any sales to date this talented teenager has been stirring up quite a splash in regards to her artwork, and there are countless people from all around the world already in line to buy her work.

You can check out more of Lizeth’s art by following her on Facebook or Instagram.

realistic-watercolor-paintings-dany-lizeth-1Lizeth mostly relies on Prismcolor Premier pencils but she is open to trying all different kinds of art mediums. As a self-taught artist she has to be open-minded in order to grow her talents.

realistic-watercolor-paintings-dany-lizeth-7Every detail is spot-on perfect, as the artwork literally comes to life on the page. The cool thing is no two creations are similar, further highlighting the ultimate strength and variety of her talents.

realistic-watercolor-paintings-dany-lizeth-6realistic-watercolor-paintings-dany-lizeth-4Check out more watercolor animal prints here.

realistic-watercolor-paintings-dany-lizeth-2Follow Lizeth on Facebook to receive updates about when prints of her artwork will be made available for sale.

realistic-watercolor-paintings-dany-lizeth-3Photo Credits: FacebookInstagramDeviantart

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