See How This Guy Transformed His Bathroom Floor Into A Starry Night Sky


This guy transformed his bathroom floor into a beautiful starry night sky, and he has provided the instructions for anyone else to do it too! Instructables user Baldr recently posted the awesome photos of his star-filled bathroom floor, along with instructions how you to make your bathroom, or any room, look like this.

Baldr was on the hunt for “something a bit geeky for the house” and so the creative space lover decided to use fiber optics. He enjoys working with fiber optics because they are easy to use but they produce incredible results. Baldr explains, “Fibre optics sound fancy, but what I’ve used here is just a rod of plastic (PMMA) that looks a little like fishing line. If you shine light in one end, it comes out of the other.”

With a basic understanding of fiber optics and some tile and grouting skills, you can duplicate this awesome DIY starry night sky floor.


The materials you need include:

A floor


Light source

A gland


Hot knife

Sparkly tape/cable ties

All materials necessary to tile a floor (tiles, adhesive, grout, a float, a squeegee, etc.)

Baldr also adds, you need a lot of time. Realistically, this project could take up to two grueling weeks of your time, but it’s oh so worth it in the end!


After you have all of your materials gathered together you will need to formulate a detailed plan of action. Most importantly you need to decide where your light source will come from and how many fibers you want per square meter of floor.

Baldr recommends keeping the light source outside of the bathroom for safety purposes. This means there is no electricity required inside of the floor; instead it just requires a bit of plastic weaved through the grout. Baldr keeps his light source in a cupboard in the hallway and then feeds the line under the doorframe and through the floorboards.

Once you have your plans and materials ready to go it’s time to get down to business. Baldr suggests starting with a small chunk of flooring first to experience the work required. He started out with a trial run first and is glad that he did, he said it gave him a good idea of how much work needed to be done regarding grouting and tiling.


This isn’t a normal tile project, instead of starting from the center and working your way out to the walls, you will start at the tiles that are positioned closest to the light source.

You will probably need a friend to help you lift the fiber bundles while you pour a layer of cement. The fibers are then placed back on the wet cement. Wherever you want a star to shine through, lift a fiber and leave it sticking out. In the final masterpiece, each point of light is reflected by the end of a fiber optic cable.


After tiling it’s time to grout! It should be mundane to grout most of the tiles, although the ones with fiber optic will need extra attention. After the grout has a chance to dry you will use a hot knife to cut down the fibers. Then, connect the cables to a light source and watch your floor brilliantly sparkle with life.


The galactic bathroom floor was the first project Baldr used fiber optics to complete, but it most certainly wasn’t his last. He has since used fiber optics to dress up other parts of his home, including a coffee table, set of stairs, and guitar.


No one will ever trip going up or down these stairs in the dark!


If you want to get started adding a solar system on your bathroom floor, check out Baldr’s full post with detailed instructions on!

Photo Credit: Instructables