See How This Dad Turns His 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Sayings Into Hilarious Illustrations


Kids say the weirdest things! Sometimes what they say makes absolutely no sense at all, and sometimes their wacky comments are eerily on point. Martin Bruckner is daddy to Harper Grace, a 3-year-old girl full of many funny things to say. Harper likes to tell her dad things like, “I like makeup and bad guys.” Which might freak some parents out, but it just makes Papa Bruckner roar with laughter, as well as get creative.

Martin has started turning Harper’s silly sayings into creative illustrations. It all started as a unique Mother’s Day gift idea for his wife, Grace’s mom. Yet in the process his work turned into a popular tumblr blog and book known as “Spaghetti Toes.”

“I like makeup and bad guys.”

funny-children-quotes-dad-illustrations-spaghetti-toes-martin-bruckner-5Oh wonderful, just what every parent wants to hear their angelic little daughter say! Loving Martin’s interpretation of a “bad guy” wearing  makeup, I can’t stop laughing at this one.

 “Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes.”


It’s not just kids that say weird things either, when chatting it up with toddlers it’s easy for adults to say some strange stuff as well. Just listen carefully the next time you are talking to your own kids, and you will certainly find yourself saying things that would sound so weird if taken out of context.

As Martin explains about the name of his tumblr blog, “Spaghetti Toes” was actually something his wife coined while conversing with sweet little Harper Grace. They were having dinner one night, and she was telling her daughter, “Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes.”

Martin called her out, “Did you actually just say those words?” And from that moment on Spaghetti Toes was born, transformed into a heartwarming blog, book and ongoing project.

“My elbow has a sprained ankle.”


“My tummy feels like bad guys.”

…Well at least Harper Grace has a soft spot for bad guys, as referenced above.


“Dad, Batman’s having a hard time pooping.”


“Cheeseballs make my tummy feel better.”


Don’t we all wish this was the truth? As Harper’s parents said to this particular quote, “Who knew that the answer to the age old question of stomach distress was cheeseballs.”

“I’m ready to go sit on Santa’s neck!”


Once Harper’s parents explained, over and over, that she was going to sit on Santa’s lap, not his neck, she did finally get it correct.

“I’m Scared Of Darth Vader, Make-Believe, and Clowns but I Like Penguins!”


Mom and dad say of this unique quote, “Not sure how make-believe got thrown in here but this would make for a fun battle.”

“My Heart Doesn’t Feel Well”


“My Brain’s Not Done Cooking.”


“Elsa Sells Chicken and Waffles For $60.”


“Lots to take in here. I think my favorite part is that this was actually a question. She has some strange infatuation with stuff being $60. Example: Ketchup in the store is $60. So is a new furnace. Interesting.”

“These Bacons Are Cool.”


“I Can Have Some Of Your Mommy Juice?”


Kids are some of the best conversationalists to eavesdrop on; I just love hearing what they say to their parents in the grocery store and other public places.

“Dad, Please Wipe the Bum of This Beautiful Princess.”


“Do Monsters Brush Their Hair, Too?”


“Mommy, Are You Still Wearing Your ANGRY Eyebrows?”


“This Apple Juice Is DOOOOOMED!”


“Why Are You Yelling At The Hot Dogs?”


“I Love Spider-Man, I Just Don’t Ever Want To See Him Again.”


You can now send Martin Bruckner the wild quotes your child has made famous within your family. He will use them to create an awesome illustrated book just like the one he made for Harper, listed for sale on

Here is one of his custom orders he recently completed:



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