Seagull Steals a Tourist’s Camera Capturing Amazing Aerial Footage and a Selfie


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Have you ever seen “Finding Nemo?” If you have, you already know that a seagull’s favorite word is “mine,” and apparently, this seagull was no exception. The birds love to steal french fries and other items from your beachside picnic, but a video uploaded to YouTube last week shows that a seagull steals a tourist’s camera on the Cies Islands in Spanish Galicia. To date, it’s garnered more than 2.7 million hits.

The viral video appears to show a seagull snatching up a GoPro camera and flying off, so YouTube user “Martin Lozano” got to take home a rather incredible souvenir: a bird’s eye view of the Cíes Islands off the coast of Spain.

The seagull strolled right over, scooped up the camera up with its beak and flew off with it, taking some pretty incredible footage of the Atlantic coast. The tourist can be heard shouting, but the bird seems to ignore him. Finally, the kleptomaniac bird stops to take a pretty cool selfie, probably better than the owner of the camera would have gotten.

Fortunately for the tourist, the camera presumably proved too heavy, or difficult to eat, because the wily seagull eventually left it on a ledge where it was retrieved and uploaded for the world to see.