17 Sea Slugs That Prove Aliens Already Exist On Planet Earth


50-80% of all life on Earth is found in the ocean. That makes sense considering the ocean covers 99% of Earth’s surface. The crazy thing is, scientists have only explored less than 10% of the entire ocean.

Despite how little of the ocean’s mass we’ve discovered thus far, what we have found is pretty incredible. Take these oddly adorable sea slugs for example.

Many of the slugs featured in this post are really snails that have lost their shells and gained new characteristics over the years through the process known as evolution. No matter how they originated, all of the sea slugs on this list are either Aliens from another Planet or some of nature’s most uniqely beautiful creations.

1. Blue Angel (Glaucus Atlanticus)


beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-4-2Photo Credit: Paul Hypnos

2. Sea Sheep (Costasiella Kuroshimae)

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-1__880Photo Credit: Jim Lynn

Learn more about the oh-so adorable Sea Sheep in a previous post here.

3. Phyllodesmium Poindimiei

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-32__880Photo Credit: Ken Thongpila

4. Janolus Fuscus

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-2__880Photo Credit: Daniel Hershman

5. Cadlinella Ornatissima

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-3__880Photo Credit: Jim Chen

6. Hypselodoris Kanga

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-30__880Photo Credit: Doug Anderson

7. Dirona Albolineata

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-13__880Photo Credit: Jeff Goddard

8. Cyerce Nigricans

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-5__880Photo Credit: Allen Lee

9. Flabellina Iodinea

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-10__880Photo Credit: imgur.com

10. Sea Bunny (Acanthodoris Pilosa)

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-29__880Photo Credit: Jim Anderson

11. Leaf Slug (Elysia Chlorotica)

This sea slug doesn’t just look like a leaf. It acts one too, producing its own food from photosynthesis.

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-9__880Photo Credit: genealogyreligion.net

12. Lettuce Sea Slug (Elysia Crispata)

“Lettuce Sea Slug With a name like E. crispata and an appearance like curly salad greens, the Lettuce Sea Slug could almost find itself at home in your crisper drawer. It’s not even closely related to nudibranchs. It belongs to a different category of slug entirely, known as ‘sap-sucking slugs,’ named for its propensity for slurping the juicy bits out of the algae it eats. It even retains chloroplasts in its tissues that provide it with sugars.”

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-7__880Photo Credit: Ashley Hauck

13. Janolus Fuscus

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-19__880Photo Credit: Tory Kallman

14. Hypselodoris Apolegma

beautiful-unusual-sea-slugs-20__880Photo Credit: Klaus Stiefel

15. Chromodoris Alius

weird-sea-slug-photography-5__880Photo Credit: Eugene Lim

16. Halgerda Batangas Orange Spotted

seaslug2Photo Credit: Mathieu Meur

17. Nudibranch

seaslug3Photo Credit: Sandra Edwards 

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