Incredible Steampunk Animal Sculptures Made Of Scrap Metal By Hasan Novrozi


There’s nothing we love more than art that relies on completely recycled materials. Hasan Novrozi’s sculptures made of scrap metal are not only breathtakingly detailed but they rely on materials otherwise regarded as trash.

The talented sculptor was trained in Iran and has since expanded his skills with plenty of practice. Novrozi uses a wide variety of scrap metal materials including automotive parts, metal tools and any other appropriate scrap metal he can find that works for a particular project.

Using thousands of old scrap metal pieces he creates animals that literally come to life, including his most famous Pegasus statue. Take a close look at the statue and you can see just how many metal parts make up every last inch.

Prepare to be amazed, check out Novrozi’s animal sculptures made of scrap metal below!


The details in his Pegasus statue are out of this world amazing. Even down to the perfectly shaped fetlocks, hooves and flared nostrils—as an equestrian I truly admire the details the artist applied to the horse. This same detail is found in all of his work, no matter what type of animal he is creating, no curve or feature goes forgotten.


Novrozi employs thousands of unique metal parts to one sculpture. Once all parts are combined they create an unbelievably perfect replica of animals.




Our world is burdened by such a huge trash problem. If more artists find ways to make use of scrap metal and other debris this world would be a cleaner and more artistic place to call home. Thankfully, Novrozi isn’t the only artist who uses scrap metal to build art, we have featured a few others in the past such as the artist who recycles old hubcaps and turns them into stunning animal sculptures.




Hasan Novrozi also uses clay and other materials to create other awesome artistic creations, check out his Facebook page to learn more.


Photo Credit: Facebook

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