Sculptor Creates Incredible Life-Size Driftwood Animals


Photo Credit: James Doran-Webb via

James Doran-Webb might just be the most talented driftwood sculptor on earth. The British-born artist creates life-size driftwood animals that are so stunning, they truly take your breath away.

Every single piece of driftwood is carefully hand selected, and then James and his team must decide which ones fit the individual animal best.


Photo Credit: James Doran-Webb via

The driftwood’s seemingly fluid forms, carved by the waves, lend themselves perfectly to the galloping horses’ features. “The driftwood is very tactile and demands to be interacted with,” Doran-Webb told Bored Panda.

Working together with a team of craftsmen, he said it took “some 1,000 to 3,000 hours to make a life size sculpture depending upon the complexities of the armature and anatomy.”

riding horse

Photo Credit: James Doran-Webb via

His artworks are not only an aesthetic pleasure, but they also express a strong message about the life on our planet. Doran-Webb also noted, “I chose to sculpt animals as I have a great affinity for the animal spirit believing essentially that all living things share the bond of life and the struggle to exist.”

It’s not just horses he’s creating, but incredible fantasy creatures like dragons. The one pictured below, perched on a dead tree, is called “The Wyvern in the Baobabs.” (A wyvern is a type of dragon with two legs and two wings.)


Photo Credit: James Doran-Webb via

driftwood dragon