This Dog Just Really Wants To Say Hello



Dogs are the friendliest creatures on the Planet, they need to be all over you at all times, and this super outgoing dog is no different. Five days ago, Woma posted this adorable photo to Imgur. It shows what looks like an Akita puppy sticking out of a decorative hole in a wall, desperately trying to say hello to anyone out there.

This picture brings back memories of another dog pic that recently made its rounds on the Internet, the image of the adorably hilarious Shiba Inu that got stuck in a bush but decided to play it cool.

Some people think this dog is not an Akita but a Shiba Inu. For now everyone is just guessing when it comes to the breed. Not much information has been released about the photo’s background story, all that we know is that this is one friendly puppy that just really wants to say hello!

If this dog is looking for new friends and lots of attention, he certainly knows what to do. I don’t know anyone who could resist petting this pup if they passed him on the street.

shiba-inu-dog-say-hello-2We don’t know how he got up there or what he did next, but we do know we want to cuddle the heck out of this adorable dog!

shiba-inu-dog-say-hello-1Photo Credits: woma

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