Hospital Allows Couple Married 68 Years To Be Together In Same Room


Tom and Arnisteen Clark of Fayetteville, Georgia are like the real life versions of the characters portrayed in the classic love story The Notebook. Only this couple’s story comes with a happier ending, they are both still alive and well.

The Piedmont Hospital recently made an unusual exception for the couple, allowing them to stay in the same room on the orthopedic surgical floor where there are no double occupancy rooms.

96-year-old Tom couldn’t stand being separated from his wife, 92-year-old Arnisteen, especially considering they were both being housed on the same floor. Despite their close proximity the couple couldn’t see one another.

Tom decided to do something about it. He told the hospital staff, “I just can’t be away from her. She’s the finest woman in the world.” Tom also added the two haven’t been apart since the Korean War.

The hospital staff couldn’t deny his romantic request. One hospital staff member said, “One [of] our managers, Tina, got some help with the clinical staff to go above and beyond to get special visitation rights. He was able to sit there with her for a few hours every single day.”

The couple has been married 68 years and still they manage to keep the love well alive. They have since been discharged from the hospital and moved to a rehab facility, together of course.

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