Samsung’s Safety Truck Shows Road Ahead On Screen So Drivers Can Safely Pass


Have you ever been stuck behind a semi-truck and been tempted to pass but unsure if it’s safe to do so? Of course you have, this common scenario happens to drivers all over the world. Thanks to Samsung’s safety truck invention trying to pass semis might not be a cause of car accidents sometime in the near future. The technology guru’s latest invention includes a large real-time display screen on the back of semi-trucks to show oncoming traffic up ahead.

In Argentina one person dies every hour in a traffic accident caused by trying to pass another vehicle on the country’s notorious two-lane roads. While this same scenario unfolds all over the world, Samsung has been testing  their prototype in Argentina.

According to a rep for the company: “So far Samsung has been able to confirm that the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people.”


Samsung’s safety trucks include a wireless front-facing camera that is installed on the grill and then projected in real-time onto the giant four-screen display placed on the backside of the truck. The camera is equipped with night vision too, allowing the camera to work flawlessly both day and night.

semi-trailer-display-video-screen-live-feed-safety-truck-samsung-3When traveling behind Samsung’s trucks you can safely pass without problems. We can only hope that other companies will eventually purchase and use the technology on their semi-trucks as well.


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