Meet The Saddest Cat On The Internet


She’s pretty and popular but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sadder looking cat! This adorable feline truly looks like she’s having the worst day ever, but really she was just born with a sad face. Luhu is an adorable tabby cat taking the Internet by storm with her ‘resting sad face’.

The saddest cat on the Internet has earned a lot of popularity thanks to her adorable and rather misleading frown. Despite what her face looks like, Luhu lives a happy life in Bejing with two older tabby cats, Barher and Bardie. It’s hard to compete with a face that cute, making Luhu the most popular cat in the house. In fact, Luhu has over 70,000 followers on Instagram.

Luhu’s owner, Maggie Liu, frequently shares pics of Luhu on her Instagram. Don’t forget to follow along for a dose of cuteness served with a frown.

10838530_737929789636961_421857126_n1Due to Luhu’s face shape it always looks like she’s a bit sad, even when she’s having a great time. It’s kind of like those people that look really mean but then you get to know them and realize they just have a ‘resting bitch face’. Looking at Luhu you’d assume she has serious issues with depression, but no, not so much. Just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its cover!

11335561_759797367470769_801287611_n-111117015_807565505985383_136621326_n111355743_981543668531274_1571167927_n111085180_796463637104029_1688872663_n111312328_1752937798266221_1449471405_nLuhu’s companion appears to have ‘resting evil face’

11350939_1789399374619794_739327959_n110597313_1448977255382316_1216970384_n111428690_830134587082160_1608217261_n111192909_669167436562807_839335436_n11330664_1460904764223450_1633597614_nAnd yes, even as a kitten she looked a little sad.

11049333_866779250050767_1334436592_n1Photo Credits: Instagram

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