The Reykjavik Police Have An Instagram Full of Puppies, Kittens, And Ice Cream


When you hear ‘cops’ what do you think of? Probably not ice cream and puppies. Instead you might think of speeding tickets, court dates, or the always entertaining TV show called “Cops.” To all of you ‘bad boys’ out there, “Whatcha gunna do when they come for you?” 

Clearly the Reykjavik police force knows what to do with bad guys , and they are having a great time doing so! Check out how they keep things so happy-go-lucky by following their Instagram account. The Reykjavik Officers regularly add new photos for their 46,000 + followers to enjoy.


Ultimately the goal of any police force is to protect the people, and many cops do a stand-up job doing just that. Lately though, it seems more and more cops are getting busted for abusing their powers. This has caused people from all walks of life to question the role of police authority.

In Iceland, Reykjavik police officers have it all figured out. Not only are they a good-looking bunch of people with a great sense of humor and a love for animals, but they also do an incredible job keeping crime rates low. In fact, in Iceland you are less likely to be violently attacked than almost anywhere in the world.


So why is Iceland such a peaceful place? Is it really because the cops have pet parrots and look good eating ice cream? Probably not entirely, but I’m sure it helps!

Many sociologists argue that the economic equality present in Iceland makes it less prone to violence.  97% of Iceland’s population considers themselves to be middle class, meaning almost every single person feels financially comparable to those surrounding them.

Only 1.1% of the population identify as upper class, and 1.5% identify as lower class, according to a study by a masters student at the University of Missouri.


Iceland has some of the lowest crime rates in the world; in fact in this part of the world there is practically no violent crime to speak of. According to data collected by the Global Study on Homicide, between 1999 and 2009 there were never more than 1.8 homicides per 10,000 people—that’s incredibly low compared to the global average, which estimates 7.6 intentional homicides per 100,000 people annually.

You can rest assured in Iceland that you are amongst much kinder company!




These officers consider it their duty to look after the people, and the ducks!


Not only are people that live in Iceland less violent, they also use less drugs. Only 0.9% of the population has experimented with ecstasy, and 0.7% have used amphetamines.

Who needs drugs anyway when you have an endless supply of CHEESE BALLS?!?


Police in Iceland do undergo firearm training, and they keep things like pepper spray, and extendable batons on their person. But, the Reykjavik metropolitan police do not carry firearms in their vehicles. Special operations team and police that work in more remote parts of the country are among the only ones that have firearms on them at all times.


These cops do coffee and donuts just like they do everything else, with glee!


Just because the cops in Iceland are non violent doesn’t mean they lack anything in strength!


Your job is never too serious for you to ignore the cute teddy bears in life…


Even inmates love Hello Kitty… especially the peaceful inmates in Iceland.


Cops that can do cool bike tricks can keep up with any fast bike-ridding criminal.








Perhaps crime is low because cops in Iceland are so joyful and pleasant. Or maybe the cops are so happy because they don’t have to deal with horrifying crimes that devastate their community on a daily basis. Either way it looks fun to be a cop in Reykjavik, as well as an everyday citizen!


Photo Credits: Instagram, Facebook,, Inside Light