Rescued Lab Animals Become Magic Models In Alice-In-Wonderland Photoshoot


Rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, and rats have been saved from labs and other forms of mistreatment thanks to the Italian charity La Collina dei Conigli ONLUS.

The charity knew they wanted to do something special to celebrate their 10th year of success saving animals but they remained unsure what. One of the charity’s volunteers, Attilia Conti suggested the idea for an Alice In Wonderland inspired photo-shoot full of fairytale fun. There’s a uniquely good reason why this theme is just so wonderfully fitting, “Because both the novel and this charity ‘started with a White Rabbit.'”

A number of volunteers partook in the fun, including photographer Rachele Totaro. Totaro writes on Bored Panda, “I took these pictures at the rescue center in Monza, near Milan, during the first weekend of September with help from volunteers Attilia, Eleonora and Fulvio. I’m not a professional photographer, but photography is my greatest passion and I’m always available to volunteer for animal shelters with my camera!”

These animals got a second chance at life, and not just any life but a rather enchanted one! See how cute these rescued animals are, as they become magic models in Alice In Wonderland theme photo-shoot.

The March Hare


Meet Indiana Jane, an adorable little white bunny that fell off the back of a truck headed to the meat market.

The Dormouse


Before being rescued, this cute little mouse was scheduled to be snake food.

Through The Looking-Glass


At one time Nilo was someone’s pet, but he was found abandoned with both of his rear legs paralyzed. Thanks to good medical care and rehabilitation, Nilo is now able to stand and jump again!

Playing With Cards


These guinea pigs are ready to play some cards… but only if there is food involved.

While the mice turned out to be the best-behaved models of the bunch, the guinea pigs proved to be the laziest. The volunteers on set say the guinea pigs wouldn’t do anything unless it involved food.

The White Rabbit


As you can tell by the tattoo number on his ear, Console Marcello was once used for lab testing. The sweet white bunny from New Zealand is still searching for his furever home.

Eat Me, Drink Me


This is Nissa, a pet rabbit that was rescued from a life of mistreatment. The mini-me is her baby, Matteo, who she safely gave birth to after being rescued.

Cheshire Cats Rats


After being used in lab tests these rats were rescued by the Italian charity.

The Queen Of Hearts


The majestic Neda is a natural born model. In fact, she was adopted right after her photo-shoot wrapped up.

Gardener Corallo


This little rat is busy ‘painting the roses red…’ 

Tweedledee And Tweedledum


“Where’s the food?”

Crazy Run


All 9 of these cute baby rats are sisters.

Curiouser and Curiouser




People never give rats or mice enough credit, due to their bad reputation people always fail to realize just how cute they really are.

The Cater Mouse

This cute little mouse named Giuseppe Rossi was rescued along with many other mice after the lab they were living at completed testing. Without help from La Collina die Conigli, all of these perfectly healthy and happy mice would have been put to sleep.


Down The Rabbit Hole


Some of these images were included in the charity’s 2015 calendar, which is sold to help raise funds to rescue as many animals as possible. Many of these animals are still available for adoption so make sure to check out this awesome charity, La Collina dei Conigli ONLUS!

Photo Credit: lacollinadeiconigli.itFacebook500px