Super Adorable ‘Tofu’ the Red Panda Makes Public Debut

baby red panda

Photo Credit: Patti Woods Truesdell/Detroit Zoo

Visitors to the Detroit Zoo got quite a nice treat recently when Tofu, a baby red panda made her public debut. The adorable creature was born in June and stepped out with her mom, Ta-Shi. The pair were seen exploring together in a wooded part of their enclosure.

The Detroit Zoo announced the sighting with a number of cute pics on its Facebook page, capturing the adorable baby’s fuzzy face, as well as highlighting the bond she has with her mother as they touched noses. The long wait was definitely worth it!



Like many species, red pandas are facing issues related to extinction, with about 10,000 of them left on the planet. In the wild, they suffer enormous habitat loss, and in captivity, they don’t reproduce very easily—only half of the young survive. Tofu is one of the few success stories. She’s sure to bring joy for many years to come.