When You Realize What Makes This House So Different, You’ll Drool


Bigger is better–right?  You may never think so again after seeing these tiny houses! While they may appear normal, tiny houses are uniquely special with under 200 square feet of living space. And if you don’t think that living in a tiny house sounds like very much fun, think again.

If you live in one of these tiny homes there are no outhouses to visit, or water buckets to fetch. What these houses lack in size they make up for in must-have amenities.

Hidden behind the walls of this tiny home, and many others, are luxurious accommodations. Plus, those that choose to live in a tiny home are helping save the environment, as well as ditch their restrictive mortgage.

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is one of the mover and shakers of the ‘tiny house’ trend. They offer a wide range of tiny houses for sale, each portable model is packed with luxury amenities and has an affordable price tag.

The house pictured above and below represents Tumbleweed’s Linden model, which is only 177 square feet. At such a small size, you might be wondering how this home has a a kitchen, let alone multiple rooms and storage closets. Yet using creative and genius design ideas, tiny houses are built with everything you could want and more.


The Linden model takes $29,000 in materials to create, and if you want to buy the home pre-built it will cost you $60,000. The estimated monthly payment is only $456. If you live somewhere incredibly overpriced, like California, that is sounding REALLY cheap compared to your current monthly rent or mortgage.

Even more amazing than the low price tag, is how incredible these tiny houses are on the inside. Each one packs everything you need for a relaxing weekend, or a busy week.  tinyhousebed




Tumbleweed Houses are not the only ones making amazing creations out of very little supplies, here are some more tiny houses people are happy to call home.


Miniature mansion made of glass and stones…



This tiny home is the size of a storage container, in fact it is a storage container!

Have you ever seen the TV show Shipping Wars? The reality show features people that buy shipping containers at auctions for a living, always hoping that goods found inside will cover their bid. The next time one of the characters on this reality show gets a bummer container, at least they could turn it into a home and call it a good deal.


Job calls for you relocate? No big deal when your house is tiny and portable!


This might look like your everyday luxury home with some 3,000+ square feet, but think again. This light and bright beauty is a tiny house.


The key to tiny houses is to make sure there is a space for everything.


This tiny cabin in someone’s backyard is cute enough to star in a movie.




A little raised shed holds all of the modern day must-haves.



I sure wouldn’t mind spending the day curled up on this day bed, a great magazine or book in hand.






All of the windows on this tiny house let in plenty of light, making it appear a lot bigger than it really is.


Solar panels are a must-have for energy-efficeinet tiny homes!


Tiny homes are better for the environment, and better for your bank account. They also come with plenty of added extras to make your life just as convenient as if you lived in a full-size home cemented into the ground.


Dreaming of your own tiny home? See more here! 

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