This School Teacher Paints Stunning Realistic Portraits On His Hand And Then Stamps Them On Paper


First-grade teacher Russel Powell has an extra special talent. Instead of drawing on paper, Mr. Powell draws stunningly realistic portraits onto his hands. The most amazing part is that he is able to draw the portraits so quickly the paint never has a chance to dry, therefore allowing Mr. Powell to use his hand-drawn portraits as a stamp.

The San Jose teacher has coined his unique process as “hand-stamping,” and you better bet he incorporates his talent into his lucky student’s art projects. His hyper realistic portraits include some pretty famous faces including Bob Marley, Games Of Thrones characters, and Jack Sparrow, just to name a few.

Mr. Powell is a busy man, he’s been working at the same school for 14 years, and when he’s not teaching he spends his time running Pangaean Studios.

Mr. Powell is a natural born artist who enjoys painting as well as music. His father was a rock n’ roll/blues guitarist. Powel’s favorite part of every school day is walking up on his class in the morning and listening to the sounds of his friend Jim playing the piano for students.

Get ready to be amazed looking at Mr. Powell’s stunning realistic portraits drawn directly onto his hands.

Daenerys Targaryen, Game Of Thrones Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-3hand-print-portraits-russell-powell-4hand-print-portraits-russell-powell-5

Dalai Lama Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-7hand-print-portraits-russell-powell-8

McCurry’s Afgan Girl Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-6

John Lennon Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-1hand-print-portraits-russell-powell-2

Tupac Shakur Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-9hand-print-portraits-russell-powell-10

David Bowie Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-11

Bob Marley Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-17hand-print-portraits-russell-powell-18

Moonchild Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-21

Beautiful Female Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-23hand-print-portraits-russell-powell-24

Kurt Cobain Portrait


Mario Gerth Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-22

Jack Sparrow Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-19

Robin Williams Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-16

Gwen Stefani Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-12

Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earing Portraithand-print-portraits-russell-powell-15

The Face Behind The Talented Artisthand-print-portraits-russell-powell-20

Photo Credits: pangaeanstudios.comFacebookInstagram