Rami The Pitbull-Dachshund Is The Most Adorably Weird Crossbreed Ever!


Rami is the most adorably weird crossbreed dog you have ever seen! At 25-pounds this one-year-old pit bull-dachshund mix is full grown with a big pit bull face and a long dachshund body.

His origins remain unclear, but this energetic cutie-pie is healthy and ready for adoption. He currently lives at the Moultrie Colquitt County Human Society, located in Georgia, USA.

Rami might be part pit bull but that doesn’t mean he’s tough, in fact he’s actually terrified of the kittens at the shelter.


Rami is described as “half pit bull, half dachshund, and all speed.” Before the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society received Rami he was spotted roaming through a man’s yard. When the man called to report the dog he described him as a “a pit bull with short legs.”

When asked what type of dog the man thought Rami was he replied, “It looks kind of like a short pit bull dog, maybe mixed with a Dachshund.” Dawn Blanton from the humane society said they originally chuckled over the description and thought nothing of it… until they realized the odd sounding description was spot-on.

After Animal Control confirmed Rami really is a pit bull-dachshund crossbreed the Human Society took to social media in hopes of finding Rami a home. Within one day Rami had already gotten over one million hits, and by that night it had doubled to over two million hits!

All of the attention is great but it also presents some unique challenges. The Humane Society wants to make sure Rami goes to a good home, and not to someone looking to exploit his unique appearance. They plan to do a lot of investigating, questioning, follow-ups, and even home inspections before allowing Rami to go home with anyone. 


Rami has gained a large following and even has his own Facebook page now! People from all over have stopped by to meet the unique and super sweet crossbreed. Rami has brought a lot of attention to the shelter, which is the best thing that could happen for all of the other animals waiting to be adopted.

So many applications to adopt Rami have poured in that the shelter is no longer accepting applications. They have far too many to go through now as it is.

On Facebook the shelter writes, “We are in the process of reviewing applications. We will do everything possible to place Rami in a very deserving home, so we ask that you be patient with us as every application will be carefully reviewed.”


Located in Georgia, the Humane Society of Moultrie Colquitt County is a non-profit organization working to promote responsible pet ownership and find homes for as many adoptable pets as possible. There are no other rescues in Colquitt County so without this shelter so many animals would be without a warm place to sleep and a yummy dinner to devour.

The Humane Society always has a big selection of furry friends waiting to be adopted, including cats, dogs, and more! The shelter is small with only 5 official employees and so they can use all of the help they can get. You can help by donating money, volunteering your time, or adopting an adorable new pet!


You can change an animal’s entire life by adopting them and blessing them with a loving home. If you live in Georgia, check out the animals currently available for adoption at the Human Society of Moultrie Colquitt County.

Rami and his pals thank you in advance!


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Photo Credit: Facebook