Quokka Selfie Is The Cutest Trend In Australia Right Now


Taking a Quokka selfie has to be the cutest trend in Australia right now. Selfies are a vain practice humans have fallen in love with, and if you’re bored of looking at selfies featuring only humans, you’re not alone. Thankfully, the Quokka selfie is bringing new life to the overly popular practice of taking photos of yourself.

The Quokka is an adorable marsupial that lives in Australia. It’s illegal to handle these cute creatures due to their ‘vulnerable’ status listed by the IUCN Red List, but they are extremely friendly and unafraid of humans. The Quokka will actually approach you without a care in the world, making it quite easy for people to snap a selfie with these happy-go-lucky cutie-pies.

The Quokkas in these selfies look so happy, it seems like they are very much enjoying the attention. Perhaps we will see Quokkas taking their own selfies before long. 😉

1. Quokka Selfie Trend Ensues Too Much Fun For These Two


Photo Credit: quokkaposts

The Quokka, Setonix brachyurus, is among the smallest wallabies on the planet, with the ability to skillfully climb trees.

An early Dutch explorer by the name Willem de Valmingh first identified the species. He saw the small creature on an island near the Swan River. He described it as, “a kind of rat as big as a common cat.” He named his discovery Rottennest, and while the name didn’t stick with the animal, the island is still known as Rottnest Island.

2. Sharing Apples And Selfies


Photo Credit: Jenny Young

The Quokka can only be found in the south west region of Western Australia, on the mainland as well as Rottnest Island and Bald Island. Sadly, their numbers are in rapid decline, especially on the mainland. Today, Quokkas are only found in small groups in bushland surrounding Perth including Torndirrup National Park, Stirling Range National Park, Mt Manypeaks National Park, and Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve.

3. What Up Yo!


Photo Credit: Seboeyen

Quokkas are herbivores and enjoy a diet consisting of varied plants, grasses and leaves. Quokkas are especially attracted to areas that have recently been burned, as they prefer young plants and grasses. Quokkas typically feed at night alone or in small groups, but they are capable of thriving for extensive periods without food or water.

4. Selfie Stick Helps Capture The Perfect Shot


Photo Credit: LabelUP

During the day, Quokkas hide out in dense vegetation where they create pathways used for escaping predators as well as feeding. A Quokka in motion is absolutely adorable, as they have a bounding gait mixed with hopping.

5. Tongue Out Quokka Selfie


Photo Credit: kempsterk

Quokkas typically birth one youngster at a time, and are able to produce around 17 babies throughout their lifespan. Joeys are kept in mommy’s pouch for about six months, but remain dependent on mother’s milk until they are eight months. The average lifespan for Quokkas is around 10 years.

6. Sweet Quokka Selfie


Photo Credit: Carolina

The Quokka is listed as a vulnerable species, especially on the mainland where the dingo and European Red Fox continue to threaten the species. Human impacts also play a role in the decline of the Quokka. Rottnest Island remains the safest place for these cute creatures, as there are no foxes on the island.

7. Three Is Never A Crowd With A Sand-Covered Quokka!


Photo Credit: Lisa Gav 

8. Group Selfie With Quokka Front And Center


Photo Credit:  Joshua Chuah

9. Quokka Didn’t Get The Tongue Out Memo For This Selfie, At Least He’s Wearing An Adorable Grin


Photo Credit: Maxwell Crook

10. Smile Pretty You’re On Candid Selfie Camera!


Photo Credit: Sophie_W

11. Quokka So Cute He Never Need To Fix His Hair


Photo Credit: ggenieveggenieve

12. Surprise, It’s Another Quokka Selfie!


Photo Credit: Ali Mallett

13. Quokka Selfie With Biker


Photo Credit: jackglennane

14. Just Hanging With The Ladies


Photo Credit: Maggie McKay 

15. What Up?!


Photo Credit: Perth Au

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