Hilarious Photos That Prove Puppies Really Can Sleep Anywhere

puppies sleeping anywhere

Photo Credit: doublemesh

If you’re having a rough day, what better way to change things than with puppies. It’s hard to be angry, sad or depressed when looking at photos of adorable animals – and these take things to a whole new level, proving that puppies really can sleep anywhere!

Just like human babies, pups need a ton of shut-eye in order to develop, sleeping for as much as 18 hours a day. It doesn’t matter where they are or what they’re in the middle of doing – zing! Out go the lights, so they say.

sleeping pup 2

Photo Credit: reddit.com

This one actually looks pretty cozy, but you’ve got to wonder how the pup below is hanging on to that door handle in its sleep without crashing down.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

Apparently, there wasn’t much work accomplished that day.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

This little guy seems to have gotten so tired smelling his owner’s shoe, he just couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore.


Photo Credit: reddit.com


This one prefers the comfort of a sandal.


Photo Credit: lifewithdogs.tv

This driver isn’t going anywhere soon.


Photo Credit: lifewithdogs.tv

Another food bowl sleeper.


Photo Credit: likefun.com

That just can’t be very comfortable. Don’t tell his chiropractor!


Photo Credit: boredpanda.com

Now, this one has really learned how to do it right!


Photo Credit: blog.fido4ever.net