New Preschool In Japan Collects Rainwater To Create Puddles For Kids To Play In


Water is life. Not only does water keep us alive and clean, it also provides endless hours of fun. Swimming pools, Jacuzzis, water slides and puddles are all a source of fun for kids and adults thanks to water. One new preschool in Japan has found a way to keep preschoolers happy while using natural resources wisely.

The Dai-Ichi Yochien preschool located in Kumamoto City in Southern Japan has created a fun innovative courtyard that collects rainwater to create puddles for kids to play in. The water-collecting courtyard is so awesome because it allows kids to be kids, stomping and splashing in the puddles and finding a newfound appreciation for the rain.

Many schools close up all windows and doors when it starts to pour, but this preschool allows kids to let loose and enjoy the showers. When it isn’t raining the courtyard doubles as a sports yard for badminton or softball. Perhaps even more exciting, when it snows in the winter the courtyard transforms into a skating rink.

The genius behind this awesome preschool design is the architecture as well as furniture design group for kids called Youji No Shiro, which is run by the Hibino Sekkei architecture firm.

preschool-collects-rainwater-puddles-kids-play-dai-ichi-yochien-hibino-sekkei-6Despite the fact parents might cringe thinking about soaking wet clothes, kids love nothing more than getting a little messy. Usually kids have to wait until the puddles dry to go outside but this new design ensures the puddles remain right where they are for endless splish-splashing and laughter.

preschool-collects-rainwater-puddles-kids-play-dai-ichi-yochien-hibino-sekkei-5The school’s open plan makes it fun to play outdoors every season of the year, always encouraging creative activity.

preschool-collects-rainwater-puddles-kids-play-dai-ichi-yochien-hibino-sekkei-3If your kids are enrolled at this preschool they will never miss a day of outdoor play, which is beneficial on a mental and physical level.

preschool-collects-rainwater-puddles-kids-play-dai-ichi-yochien-hibino-sekkei-1preschool-collects-rainwater-puddles-kids-play-dai-ichi-yochien-hibino-sekkei-10preschool-collects-rainwater-puddles-kids-play-dai-ichi-yochien-hibino-sekkei-9preschool-collects-rainwater-puddles-kids-play-dai-ichi-yochien-hibino-sekkei-11Photo Credit: hibinosekkei.come-ensha.comFacebook

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