Proposal Photographer Searching for This Eiffel Tower Engagement Mystery Couple: Do You Know Who They Are?

mystery couple

Photo Credit: Jen Hurd Bohn via Facebook

Do you know this engagement mystery couple?

A tourist from Clovis, California, Jen Hurd Bohn, has launched a desperate search to find a mystery couple who she photographed getting engaged at the Eiffel Tower.

The romantic proposal photographer recently took a vacation to Paris, France, often referred to as the “City of Love,” when she captured the touching proposal unfold at the iconic landmark.

Now, the die-hard romantic says she’s turned to social media in a bid to find the couple so that she can give them their photographs from that incredible life changing moment.

Bohn posted a number of photos to Facebook on June 24 of the couple’s magical moment, writing:
“Saw this guy propose to this girl on the Eiffel Tower Sunday 6/21/15. Wanted to send them the pics but was stuck in line. Help me find them!”

The touching pictures show the woman’s delighted reaction to the proposal, and a hug shared between the newly-engaged pair.

mystery couple 2

The couple who were dressed in casual attire, are both wearing jeans. She donned a distinctive pink scarf around her neck and a black sweater, while her assumed fiance is wearing bright blue sneakers.

Incredibly, the images have already been shared more than 200,000 times to date, but the adorable couple have yet to be found.

Jen admits her chances of finding the couple are “super duper slim,” but she says she wants to at least try.

She also suspects they might be American. She explained on Facebook: “I’ve got friends across the country and by their clothes I’m guessing they’re from the U.S. Somebody knows somebody who was in Paris last week and got engaged….”

So, do you?