20 Animals Trying To Become Professional Photographers

9. Stop Slouching In Front Of The Camera Or We Are Getting A New Penguin To Play Your Part


Photo Credit: David C Schultz

10. Checking Out His Footage For The Day

animals-with-camera-helping-photographers-18__880Photo Credit: Unknown

11. That Moment When You Capture The Perfect Shot

animals-with-camera-helping-photographers-17__880Photo Credit: Leopold Kanzler

12. Good, Now Move A Little To Your Left

animals-with-camera-helping-photographers-13__880Photo Credit: Unknown

13. Am I Close Enough?

animals-with-camera-helping-photographers-11__880Photo Credit: Dalia Kvedaraite

14. Ready For His Close Up

“What kind of lens do you have on this thing?”


animals-with-camera-helping-photographers-21-21Photo Credit: Dan Dinu