To Prevent Snails From Getting Stepped On, People Pimp Out Their Shells


Snails are adorable little shell-wearing creatures that come out with rain and disappear when the weather dries up. While many people assume snails have really short life-spans that only extend through the storm, this is not true at all. Instead, some snails live to be around 5-years old while other species of snails are thought to live to be as old as 25!

When the rain disappears snails find hiding places in the trees, here they can suck up inside of their shell and cover themselves in a liquid membrane to prevent from drying out. When the next rain arrives they will reappear once again.

The only problem is that snails are so small all it takes is one misstep and crunch, bye-bye Mr. Snail. Some kind humans out there decided to help these little guys out by painting their shells. With brighter, more noticeable colors, perhaps these snails will be able to draw attention before becoming shoe-kill.


One Imgur user posted a picture (below) of her hand-painted snail, along with a note explaining her mission. Perhaps that’s the coolest thing about painting snail shells, it makes it easy to find and identify them in the future. You might be surprised how often you see the same snail and don’t even notice it.


Out in the wild, animals see bright colors as a warning sign of danger and work to avoid the brightest shades. So perhaps this paint job not only helps protect snails from people stepping on them, but also from animal predators.


Since snails are slow, non-venomous, and incredibly gentle it’s easy to carefully quarantine one for a quick paint job before setting him or her free. Just be careful what type of paint you use for the task. If you decide to decorate the snails in your own neck of the woods, be kind to the snails and use paint that is non-toxic.


For the most part, snails are very small and weigh only a few ounces, this is the main reason they are easy to accidentally step on. The largest snail on record was a Giant African Land Snail that weighed nearly 2-pounds and measured 12-inches long.

Not only are snails small and often out of sight, but they are slow, making them an even easier target. “Slow as a snail” became a saying for a reason, snails are among the slowest creatures in the world, moving an average of 1.3 centimeters every second.

They might be slow but they are certainly steady. To help reduce friction from rubbing against ground surfaces all day, snails release a slimy mucus trail everywhere they go.



We hope Adidas is paying this snail to advertise their logo around the neighborhood!


Snails reproduce by laying eggs, a fact that surprises many. Male and female snails both have 2 sets of reproductive organs, meaning they are technically hermaphrodites. Regardless, in order to reproduce you need both a female and male snail.


Snails are not as oblivious to the world around them as people often assume. Snails can both see and hear, their top tentacle holds the eyes and the lower set of tentacles allows snails to smell.


If you are looking for snails to decorate, snails are nocturnal creatures. On cloudy days an influx of snails will appear, this is because the brightness of the sun is not favorable to snails. If you keep pet snails, you want to be sure they are not in a bright, sunny room otherwise they will spend all of their time in their shell and stop eating.





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