11 Preposterous Ideas That Just Might Actually Work


Every once in a while we think of or hear a preposterous idea that on second thought… just might actually work, as well as be the coolest/funniest/most groundbreaking thing ever. This list of preposterous ideas includes those that are silly, bold or maybe even illegal, but all of them end in you thinking: I so want to do that!

For instance, requesting cremation and then eating as many popcorn kernels as possible before you die. If all goes according to plan you will make everyone hungry for popcorn as they mourn your passing… what better way to go?

You can thank Bored Panda user Zeeshan Naqi for creating this thought provoking collection of preposterous ideas, most of which might actually be the most genius ideas ever.

Can this please happen on my local news… like soon!

Arms race to de-pollute earth… yes please!

Crazy-Ideas1-1__6051__605Google, come on, help us out here!

Crazy-Ideas5-1__6051__605If you’re the type that gets struck with genius thoughts like these while taking showers, you need Aqua Notes, a waterproof notepad that allows you to jot down all of your wildest ideas to ponder over later.

BEST concert idea ever

This will be real life someday soon, in fact it’s probably being invented over at GM as I type this.

Talk about improving user experience! There’s a whole population of people that love climbing fences, I’m just not one of them.

Crazy-Ideas17-1__6051__605Do you smell popcorn?

Wait… people have pet octopus?

If your last name isn’t Mann this one doesn’t apply to you.

This sounds like Games Of Thrones

I’m intrigued…

Crazy-Ideas20-1__6051__605Photo Credits: Zeeshan Naqi

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