Inspirational Before-And-After Portraits Of Premature Babies


Premature babies go through many different battles. The best thing a family can do during this time is have hope; hope that everything will work out and their tiny, sweet bundle of joy will grow up to live a happy life.

Quebec-based photographer Red Methot is on a mission to show the world just how miraculously premature babies often overcome their challenges, going on to live amazing lives full of happiness and love. Methot does so through his powerful and inspirational Les Premas photo series, which documents before-and-after portraits of premature babies.

Methot has people of all ages pose with photos of themselves as premature babies. Premature babies are often born with underdeveloped organs and other issues that require immediate transportation to ICU where they have wires and other medical devices attached to their little bodies. Many premature babies end up in these medical units for a long time, which is scary, among many other emotions, for parents that just want to bring their beloved bundle of joy home.

Despite what the individuals in Methot’s Les Premas photo series have been through, they have come out on the other side looking and feeling just as happy as anyone else. Looking at these photos proves more than just therapeutic, but also awe-inspiring.

Twins Noah and Nathan were born at 32 weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-20Lexiani was born at 25-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-12Margot was born at 29-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-13Felix was born at 24-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-19Zachary was born at 27-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-4Charles was born at 26-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-15Noah was born at 32-weeks alongside his twin sister Victoria. Victoria is shown in the framed picture, she passed away after 1 month.

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-17Tamica was born at 32-weeks, she is photographed at 26-weeks of pregnancy

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-21Julie was born at 7-months and her son Kevin was born at 34-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-9Thomas was born at 23-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-10Alice was born at 27-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-22Eva was born at 29-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-14Emile was born at 26-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-6Felix was born at 23-weeks and his younger brother Alexis was born at almost 33-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-23Theo was born at 25-weeks

premature-baby-portraits-les-premas-red-methot-18Photo Credits: Facebook, Smugmug

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