Pranksters Dressed A Dog Up As A Giant Spider To Scare People In Poland


What would you do if it was late at night and the elevator doors popped open to reveal this terrifying scene? A seemingly lifeless man sprawled out across the floor, one shoe missing, and what appears to be a GIANT spider standing over his body? Two unsuspecting ladies in Poland had this exact scenario happen to them recently.

After the elevator doors opened, they instantly scream in true terror and run out the other direction for dear life. Although it sure looks horrifying, beneath that fuzzy spider costume is a sweet, and VERY cute, dog named Chica.

The two women boarding the elevator are not the only people that have been downright terrified by the prankster, Sylwester Wardega, and his loyal “spider dog” Chica. Check out how this prankster has been able to fool people of all ages with his wild idea.


Seriously though, if you saw this “thing” coming at you, would you be tempted to scream and run? I can’t even comprehend how freaked out I might be. Plus, it’s not just a spider dog that comes after you when you least expect it. Wardega goes all out adding props that include thick spider webs wrapped around staircases or dead body parts.

His ‘victims’ often first encounter the props, and as they inspect them with some trepidation, Chica is sent out after them fully dressed and ready to scare in her spider costume.

Wardega is an actor and director. He admits on his Facebook page, “Insane people are the best.” Thanks to his own slight insanity, we get to see these hilarious and creative videos that truly scare the living daylights out of those that become unknowing characters in his short films.


Chica is a little thing, but wearing her spider costume she appears much larger–and quite frightening! But when it’s not dark, and you can actually see her smiling face sporting the spider costume she doesn’t look so scary at all.

The only concern any animal lover might have is over the safety of Chica while she is dressed up as a murderous spider. Surprisingly, no one that runs into the furry beast takes a whack at her, despite the fact dead body parts are seen wrapped in her webbing nearby.

Instead all of the people that encounter Chica scream and run. Often, Chica follows, but thankfully this hasn’t caused anyone to stop running and get aggressive with the apparently giant killer spider. For the sake of sweet Chica, we just hope Wardega has a plan in place in case his trick starts to backfire someday.

I especially like the guy that gets stuck in the giant spider web trying to escape from the giant spider-dog.


In the background of Wardega’s videos this eery music plays, making it all the more terrifying, yet you can’t help but laugh.


Wardega is responsible for making a whole host of hilarious, yet terrifying videos. I sure wouldn’t want to live in his hometown, where the pranks are never ending and you never know when they will find you and cause you to run away in complete terror.

On Chica’s Facebook page she politely thanks everyone for watching her video–just look at that sweet face! Within 2 days of posting the video it already had over 27 million views–and for good reason. Although 10 and even 27 million seem like nothing now compared to how many views the video has gotten over the last few days– nearly 90 million in only one week!!!


I don’t know if I should laugh or scream! See the full video of spider dog scaring innocent people here….

Photo and Video Credits: Chica The Spider Dog Facebook, SAWardega Facebook, Youtube,