Portable Pizza Necklace Keeps You & Pizza Together Forever


ouchizza is hands down one of the best food inventions of all time. It’s easy to see how so many people have a full blown love affair with the delicious cuisine, myself included. If pizza is your go-to pal you need this portable pizza necklace that will keep you full and your pizza safe as you go about your day.

The unique necklace is made to hold a full piece of pizza, keeping it safe while you do what you need to do. The necklace is also a great way to advertise your love affair with the cheesy comfort food.

Stupidiotic is the pizza-loving brand behind the portable Pizza Pouch and they take what they do very seriously. They don’t just make one variation of the fun pizza necklace; they make different pouches for pizza fans of all kinds, including Chicago Deep Dish, New York and Sicilian.

The next time you’re at a concert, sporting event or any other function where pizza is served on the go you need this portable pizza necklace. Just imagine how much easier it will make your life—it’s just like having a portable pizza assistant!

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necklace-pizza-pouch-stupidiotic-4Photo Credit: stupidiotic.comFacebook

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