Doggone Genius Phone Accessory Makes Your Dog Pose For The Perfect ‘Pooch Selfie’


Have you ever tried to take the perfect selfie with your pooch only to be disappointed by their lack of selfie-taking skills? Dogs are easily distracted, meaning dog selfies are often interrupted when your dog decides to lick your face, turn the other direction/block your face entirely or just run away after something more exciting.

Thanks to San Diego resident Jason Hernandez you can officially take the perfect selfie with your dog. Hernandez’s company, Clever Dog Products, is Kickstarting the Pooch Selfie, a one-of-a-kind device that allows you to attach a ball to the top of your phone. This helps keep your dog’s attention on the camera as you snap a pic. Just make sure you don’t leave the ball attached to your phone while it is unattended… in which case anything may become of your phone!

The Pooch Selfie has been in development for over one year, and has plans to ship out in December 2015, only a few months away. Get ready to take some perfect selfies with your favorite dog! You can buy this awesome 3D-printed selfie-aid for only $13 through Kickstarter.

pooch-selfie-dog-clever-products-jason-hernandez-4pooch-selfie-dog-clever-products-jason-hernandez-9pooch-selfie-dog-clever-products-jason-hernandez-7pooch-selfie-dog-clever-products-jason-hernandez-2For more information and to purchase your own Pooch Selfie visit the official Kickstarter page.

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