Polish Mother Of Two Takes Beautiful Pictures Of Kids Spending Their Summer In The Countryside


Summertime is known around the world as a  joyful span of months, a break from tiring schooldays and tedious assignments, a chance to relax, and let your hair down. Perhaps no one enjoys summer more than children, the memories from your own childhood summers might be enough on their own to fill you with happiness.

One photographer in particular can help you conjure up these good feelings with her incredible images. Izabela Urbaniak is a mother of 2 boys and a photographer from Lodz, Poland. During the summer her family spends their time in a small village of Poland known as Lutowiska. With a small population of 750 people, Lutowiska sits just near the border of the Ukraine. A largely unknown but clearly idealic region judging by these photos.

In 2012 Izabela began creating a project she calls “Summertime,” which highlights how children in her rural town spend their summers as carefree kids living among farm animals and picturesque scenarios. Far away from the demands of computers, video games and iPhones these children are free to enjoy summers full of creative play and mystical journeys.

Izabela’s photos from her “Summertime” collection are sure to inspire memories of your own favorite summers.


Izabela surly draws inspiration from her children, nieces and nephews that she regularly photographs, but she also finds a great deal of inspiration from her own summers as a kid. She recalls her summer vacations as a source of free-spirited fun that still call her back to this day.

Growing up Izabela spent her summers in the countryside with her grandmother. Now, when she brings her children to the countryside to enjoy the same pleasures, she is flooded with memories so pure it almost feels like she is a kid again. Watching other children play brings her back to the feeling she used to have as a child, the happiest and most innocent moments of life.


Many of these photographs feature Izabela’s youngest son Antek, as he plays alongside his cousins Jas, Julia, and Maja. Tosia, Izabela’s adorable Jack Russel terrier, is also a popular character in many of her photographs.

Out in the country there is no shortage of animals. Cats, cute puppies, chickens and many other furry friends, many of which belong to neighbors, roam the land. Granting children all kinds of friends to play with.


Without the distractions of the modern day world, kids can just be kids. Light-hearted, open-minded, and always so creative!



Although summer usually sparks thoughts of bright colors, Izabella gives her summer photography a special touch by making them black and white. Pretty much the only time the photographer turns to photoshop is to enhance the contrast of photos and to make them black and white, other than that she doesn’t do much manipulating to her images.



Izabela uses a Canon Mark IIII, with 50 mm f 1/4 and 85 mm f 1.2 lenses to shoot her photos. She takes her time with each image, watching a scene unfold so that she can plan how to best capture the purity of the moment.


Izabela’s photos may look like they are taken by a life-long photographer, but Izabela has only been taking pictures for the last few years. After picking up a camera, the mother of 2 quickly realized that photography was one of her passions. Shortly after her love for photography sparked, she was lucky enough to make it into her career, something Izabela feels so blessed about every day. Izabela says, “Now I can confidently say that my work isn’t actually work becuase I really love what I’m doing.”





















No matter the season, long live the child-like free spirit in all of us…


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Photo Credit: Facebook, Izabela Urbaniak