Polar Bear Mom Accidentally Captures Baby’s First Steps In the Wild On Film

polar bear baby

Photo Credit: YouTube

It may seem like a Disney movie, but this is real life. A polar bear mom in the wild inadvertently captured her baby leaving its den for the very first time, taking its first steps on the snowy wilderness landscape.

Filmmakers had set up a spy camera just outside the den to observe the family’s behavior without introducing humans into their environment. At first, mother polar bear thinks the camera is a fun toy, spinning it around on the frozen ground while she plays with it.

Eventually she adjusts the camera, where it was able to capture her baby’s first nervous steps outside the winter den. Similar to our own home movies, there are a few shaky adjustments as well as occasional sideways footage. At one point, the camera captures a spectacular shot of mom and baby staring into the lens.

Watch their intimate moments here:

The clip was taken from the BBC program, “Polar Bear – Spy on the Ice,” which had used a series of remote-control spy cameras to capture unprecedented glimpses into the “secret” lives of polar bears. It also revealed a flirty female polar bar trying to attract the attentions of her lazy mate in a hilarious video that can be seen here: