Leave Innocent Animals Alone: Bring Your Walls To Life With This Plant Wall Trophy


If you’re sick of seeing dead animal heads used as decoration, you are going to love this plant wall trophy. In fact, this is the first wall trophy made suitable for vegans and animal lovers. Instead of hanging something void of life from your walls, these plant trophies are bursting with life.

A team of talented, eco-friendly Italian designers used inspiration from the Japanese flower arrangement known as “ikebana” or “living flowers,” to create these awesome vegan wall mounts.

Traditional Ikebana includes certain rules and spiritual considerations, but the practice has since evolved around the world and taken on more flexibility.

It was this new flexibility in style that inspired Fabio Milito and Paula Studio to design what they call the interchangeable Elkebana wall mount. Fabio Milito writes on the product’s official website, “Elkebana is the first trophy for plant lovers. You just need flowers and imagination.”

Vegan Antlers


Branches give off the same cool appeal as antlers without harming any innocent animals.

Glass Vases Attached To Wall Mounts Hold Your Favorite Plants


The high quality wall mounts are made of birch plywood, cork shield, or solid oak. The mount contains two hand-blown glass vases designed to hold your botanical arrangements.


“The “ikebana” is the ancient Japanese art of arranging floral elements in harmonious compositions. Elkebana brings the ancient art of ikebana to the wall, in order to transform the wall trophy idea into a continuously mutating, colourful creature.”

Have Fun & Get Creative With Your Arrangement


With or without branches you can create a beautiful appearance using your favorite plants or flowers. Let your creativity run loose and create something that truly speaks to you.


These gorgeous flower arrangements infuse a home with peace, harmony and natural beauty, just like traditional ikebana.

Order your own Elkebana here!

Photo Credit: elkebana.com