22 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Some people are serious jerks, but we can’t let the bad seeds out there destroy our faith in humanity. There are plenty of zeros out in the world, but there are also plenty of everyday heroes. So keep smiling at strangers and offering favors to neighbors, as acts of kindness are passed on and can travel a long way.

Still feeling unsure if mankind deserves your generosity? These photos will restore your faith in humanity, as the people on this list offer excellent examples of kindness that prove good always prevails. So keep fighting the good fight with smiles, kind favors, and plenty of hugs–the world appreciates it, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

1. Jacqueline Kiplimo gives up wining first place in order to help a disabled runner finish a marathon in Taiwan.


Photo Credit: nairaland.com

2. Every Sunday, this hair stylist from New York spends his day giving away free haircuts to the homeless.


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Photo Credit: Mark Bustos

3. Every evening, this man hops in a lake with his sick dog because the water helps reduce his four-legged friend’s pain.


Photo Credit: Stonehouse Hudson

4. In order to cheer up young patients at Children’s Hospital in Le Bonheur, workers from Memphis Cleaning Company dress up as Superhereos.


Photo Credit: mbanetworkjapan.com

5. When no one showed up for this cute little boy’s birthday party his mom sought help via Facebook. As a result, good-hearted firefighters, officers and local kids showed up to make his birthday extra special.




Photo Credit: John Buratti

6. Two dudes from Norway save a baby lamb from drowning in the ocean.




Photo Credit: imgur

7. Man uses an umbrella to save a little kitten from drowning.


Photo Credit: imgur

8. This officer talked this man out of committing suicide. The man went on to have a great life and two kids, eight years later he presented the officer that saved his life with an award at The American Foundation Of Suicide.


Photo Credit: imgur

9. Man dives into frozen lake to rescue an innocent duck from drowning.

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Photo Credit: Lars Jørun Langøien

10. Little girl sells her stuffed animals in order to donate money to a local animal shelter.


Photo Credit: imgur

11. Soldier caring for a kitten he rescued in Korea


Photo Credit: imgur

12. This 84-year-old Grandmother was embarrassed about wearing her nightgown at the hospital, and so her Grandson wore one too.


Photo Credit: imgur

13. Christmas Elves are real! Here they are surprising a homeless man with food and gifts.


Photo Credit: Roman Atwood

14. Dry cleaner offers free service for jobless community members.


Photo Credit: quipster.wordpress.com

15. An elderly man suffered a heart attack while shoveling his driveway. After paramedics rushed him to the hospital, they returned to his home to shovel his driveway for him.


Photo Credit: imgur

16. People built the perfect swing set for children in wheelchairs.


Photo Credit: imgur

17. This Wendy’s employee deserves a raise! He removed a table umbrella to help shelter an elderly patron from the rain.


Photo Credit: imgur

18. Firefighter rescues kitten from house fire and provides him with oxygen.


Photo Credit: imgur

19. A mass of Japanese train passengers work together to push a 32-ton train car away from the platform in order to free a woman trapped in a gap.


Photo Credit: imgur

20. Russian firefighter saves cat from house fire.


Photo Credit: reddit

21. Someone noticed this homeless man reading the same book over and over, and so they gifted him a Kindle.


Photo Credit: imgur

22. A man takes off his shoes and gives them to a homeless woman in Rio De Janeiro.


Photo Credit: unknown