25 Before And After Photos Of Cats Growing Up


There’s only one thing you can be sure about when you bring a new kitten home: that kitten is going to grow up into a cat. Remember how cute and little your kitten was when you first brought him or her home? Those tiny kitten cries and little teeth that could hardly leave a mark grow up and mature at a rapid pace. Before long your sweet little kitten is no longer so little, and you’ve got a full grown cat on your hands, with teeth capable of breaking flesh, and claws capable of ruining furniture.

The more your cat grows, so too does the loving bond you share. Cats become a part of the family as you develop wonderful memories and traditions. Oftentimes pets grow and change simultaneously with us, creating an unbreakable bond to treasure for life.

To help remind you how much your own cat has grown and changed, here are 2 adorable before and after photos of cats growing up.

1. All Grown Up, Still In Love With The Same Toy

Incredible how much smaller that little stuffed teddy bear looks now!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. I Think These Two Best Friends Have Outgrown Their Favorite Sleeping Bags


Photo Credit: unknown

3. Cat Gets Bigger, But Habits Never Change

It’s probably a little harder to get things done with a cat on your back as opposed to a little kitten.


Photo Credit: imgur.com 

4. Two Kittens Transform Into Two Cats


Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. 4 Years Later And Toby Still Loves His Same Bed… Even Though It’s A Little Tighter Squeeze Now


Photo Credit: imgur.com

6. Boy And Kitten Transform Into Man And Cat

These pictures were taken 17-years apart.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. Sweet Kitten Grows Up Into Rebel Teenager

He might have more attitude now, but he still loves the same hammock swing.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

8. 6-Months Later And This Cute Rescue Kitten Still Loves Hanging Out In The Camera Bag


Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. Cat Finally Grows Big Enough To Fill Out The Guitar Case


Photo Credit: imgur.com

10. Link Likes The Sink, Then And Now


Photo Credit: imgur.com

11. Working Hard Or Hardly Working, Then And Now


Photo Credit: imgur.com

12. 10 Years Later And Nothing’s Changed… Except The Size Of This Cute Cat


Photo Credit: clarissa sharp

13. 1 Year Later: Kitten = Cat, And Chair = Ruined

How much furniture has your cat(s) managed to destroy?


Photo Credit: imgur.com

14. Best Friends Forever, 12 Months Apart


Photo Credit: imgur.com

15. Rescued Kitten Turns Into Beautiful, Happy Cat

Proof why it’s great to adopt a kitten (or cat) in need!


Photo Credit: thenandnowphotos.com

16. Cat In The Hat Box

Cats LOVE boxes! This lucky feline still adores hanging out in his favorite box, despite the fact he barely fits now.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

17. Princess Kria Enjoys Her Lux Sofa, Then And Now


Photo Credit: imgur.com

18. Triple The Trouble, Triple The Cute


Photo Credit: unknown

19. 12 Years Later These Brothers Pose For The Same Photo

Nothing compares to the pets you grow up with as children.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

20. Bouchon The Computer Hog

It’s getting harder and harder to get any work done with Bouchon around…


Photo Credit: Jess Piou

21. Then And Now, Sparta Still Enjoys Sitting In Her Food Dish


Photo Credit: reddit.com

That doesn’t look too comfortable, but apparently cats have odd ideas about comfort. 21 Cats Prove No Space Is Too Tight

22. Tucker And Stewie Growing Up Together


Photo Credit: lovemeow.com

23. In Celebration Of This Cat’s 18th Birthday, Here’s A Before And After Dated 18 Years Apart


Photo Credit: imgur.com 

24. Then And Now: Still Battling It Out With Mr. Croc


Photo Credit: Dmitry Gudkov

25. Einstein (Alvie) The Rescue Kitten On The Day He Was Adopted And Now


Photo Credit: LC

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