Photographer Daniel Kordan Reveals the Spectacular Beauty of Greenland

Greenland final

Photo Credit: Daniel Kordan

Russian photographer Daniel Kordan recently returned from a sailing expedition to Greenland. Kordan spent two months sailing on a yacht through the Atlantic from Saint Petersburg to Greenland as part of a photo workshop for photographers. He brought back countless breathtaking images that reveal the beauty of their natural surroundings on the journey.

According to My Modern Met, Kordan and his fellow voyagers spent their days exploring “magnificent icebergs, glaciers, caves, and cliffs at each landing,” with each day promising new discoveries as he continued to discover hidden gems in the icy wild. He told the site, “Our Greenland expedition reminded me of Jack London stories which I admired so much in my childhood.”


Kordan said it was their first time exploring Disko Bay and the islands of Baffin Bay. He had a desire to travel there because “Greenland has many remote and unexplored areas that are perfect for photography.”

The Moscow, Russia native said they learned a lot of legends from locals, found beautiful fjords and mountains. The group hiked up to elevations that were two-thirds of a mile above the sea to look at ice caps, found a marmor cave leading far into the glacier, and discovered an old whale cemetery.




The highlights? Kordan said his favorite experience was bathing in the hot springs, as well as discovering several hidden beaches and hot lakes.

The artist has, not surprisingly, many accolades to his name. After graduating from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and spending his time mountain climbing, hiking and guiding tourist groups, he become the chief editor of Continent Expedition magazine as well as a guide for photo workshops.

To view more of his incredible images of Greenland and find out more, visit Kordan’s website at or on Facebook/Daniel Kordan.