Photographer Continues To Take Magical Photos Of Her Two Kids With Animals On Rural Russian Farm


A few months ago we introduced you to one talented Russian mother who takes magical pictures of her two kids with animals on the family farm (see here). Flash forward to the present day and Elena Shumilova is still on the same mission, creating breathtaking images that provoke powerful feelings and inspiration.

Shumilova’s talented photography captures the most ideal moments of life on a rural farm, and her adorable pint-sized children paired with the family’s sweet assortment of farm animals make for the perfect models. Shumilova says of her photos, “Children and animals – it’s my life. I’m a mom with two sons and we spend a lot of time on the farm.”


Living on a vast, beautiful farm provides Shumilova with the perfect scenery to shoot stunning photos, but she also has a few tricks up her sleeve that make her work that much more enjoyable to get lost in. One of her tricks entails utilizing natural sources of light. Shumilova says she is largely focused on using natural light to highlight the gorgeous images displayed before her camera lens.

Shumilova told Bored Panda in an interview, “When shooting I prefer to use natural light – both inside and outside. I love all sorts of light conditions – street lights, candle light, fog, smoke, rain and snow – everything that gives visual and emotional depth to the image.”


Living on a rural farm in Russia provides the Shumilova family with a unique lifestyle full of splendid natural wonders. Like playing in the snow, running through open fields with animals galloping by your side, and enjoying the beauty of a classic sunset with legs dangling over the dock.


You’re never too young to start helping out when you live on a farm, as Shumilova’s adorable son proves with broom in hand. At least he’s got his best buddy the bunny to help him out!


Shumilova uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark III paired with a 135mm lens to capture her picture perfect masterpieces.


Living in Russia provides Shumilova with endless landscape diversity with each passing season. From snow-covered trees to fields bursting with flowers, she uses the diversity of each season to bring a unique charm to her photos. She classifies her photos on her website based on the season they were taken.



As a mother of two rapidly growing boys, Shumilova doesn’t want to miss one precious moment. She photographs her children every day and processes the images at night to see her magical images come to life. From her previous work she learns lessons for the future, continually improving her work as her boys grow before our very eyes.



You don’t have to know the Shumilova children personally to enjoy looking at these photos; there is something so special about every last shot. This leads many to believe Shumilova has been a professional photographer for many years. In truth, the mother of 2 growing boys did not get serious about photography until 2012.

Her work has since taken off, as Shumilova recognized right alongside the rest of the world her natural talent for capturing the most precious qualities of life.

“When I graduated from school I entered Moscow Institute of Architecture where I practiced with sketching and painting a lot. I suppose it is sketching and painting that defined my feeling of photography and composition.”















You can see the fairytale underlining of this rural existence in every last photo, causing all suburban and city-dwellers to consider life on a farm, if only momentarily.


Don’t forget to check out Elena Shumilova’s website to see more of her amazing photographs!

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