This Photographer Is Changing Maternity Photography With His Underwater Mermaid Moms


Who doesn’t dream of being a mermaid? Mermaids are beautiful underwater goddesses. But I’ve never really thought about what a pregnant mermaid would like. Until now that is, after seeing these amazing photos by Adam Opris, I’ve decided mermaids look best when carrying their own little merbaby.

Opris, the man behind the lens, describes himself as “a wedding and lifestyle photographer by day, and underwater photographer by night.” Check out the latest wave he’s splashing up with these gorgeous underwater mermaid moms!


Opris describes his goal in photography, as wanting to push the edge on what’s normal or currently trending. Instead, he prefers to take a unique route with his images in order to tell the real, deeper story about the people being photographed.

His latest photo series does all that and more. Opris has combined his love for underwater photography with very pregnant women, creating angel-like mermaids that glide through the water with grace, and a very large baby bump!


Opris grew up in South Florida and has always loved everything that has to do with the outdoors. He writes on Bored Panda, “I’ve practically lived in the ocean my whole life.” So it’s only natural that he would pick up underwater photography, and not just in any water, but what appears to be water at the center of the ocean.



No matter what Opris takes a photograph of, the results are always amazing. Known for his wedding and engagement photos, he often puts his brides underwater as well. On land, he also uses some really clever backdrop scenarios to help tell a more complete story. His surreal bride and groom photographs are often snapped on the shoreline, the rolling ocean waves setting the backdrop.



Using his love for everything underwater, Opris brings the inner mermaid out of his pregnant clients. In Opris’ own words, “By embracing buoyancy and enabling these pregnant women to be free, I am creating magic to capture pregnancy in all of its glory!”


Opris explains on his website bibliography that he has discovered two passions in this life so far. One happens to be the love of his life, and the other is the world through the view on his camera lens.



The self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie has always loved to travel. No matter where his camera takes him, if he is capturing photos of hurricane waves or running from a pack of wild stampeding elephants, Opris loves the adrenaline rush he gets from his job everyday he goes to work.

It was his friendly personality and pursuit of the world that allowed him to meet just the right people. He gives thanks to a close friend and world-renowned fashion photographer whom helped Opris polish off his skills with photography as well as photo editing. He says he feels fortunate to have had this influence and guidance to help shape his current flourishing career.


Opis takes photographs of many different things, he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to good pictures. He says he has traveled near and far around the globe, taking photos of people, animals, places, and just about any hint of beauty he can capture.


It’s all about bringing to life a moment that will stay with a person forever. Opis explains, “I have a true passion for photographing moments in people’s lives that will take their breath away every time they see their picture.”




Opris’ work is quickly gaining in popularity, getting a lot of attention throughout the Internet, and for obvious reasons! His passion for photography, and life in general, brings a particular time in ones’  life to a stand still forever. Providing a memory families can cherish forever.



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