Photographer Captures Personal Portraits Of Dogs, Cats And Horses


Personal portraits are beautiful. That’s because great portraits capture something more than physical appearances; they reach deeper to highlight personality, heart and soul. Portraits are often associated with humans, but animals make great models too.

Just like humans, each animal has their own unique personality that makes them who they are. It’s this personality that shines through each photo so clearly, making photographer Rob Bahou’s personal animal portraits so incredible. See for yourself here!


Own is young, hyper, beautiful and very unique because he has heterochromia eyes, one brown and one blue.


Throughout 2014 Rob began working on this portrait project, photographing cats, dogs and horses. Looking into the future he plans to expand on what he started, taking photos of even more types of animals, including walruses, lions, apes, wolves, and hopefully his dream animal, a panda.

Bahou writes on Bored Panda, “Pandas are of course the ultimate dream, so if anybody has a panda who wouldn’t mind if I photographed it, you can drop me a line where I live in Amsterdam!”

The Sensei

This is Katsuo, a Japanese Akita that isn’t messing around with any funny jokes.


It’s not all fun and games when photographing animals; after all furry friends are not the best listeners. Bahou says, “It’s not easy working with animals, especially when trying to get them to do the three things I need for a photo (mouth closed, sitting still, looking at at the lens).”


Black cats are said to be one of the hardest creatures to photograph. In parts of the world crossing a black cat is regarded as bad luck, but in Japan they are said to bring good luck.


Rob Bahou doesn’t just take pictures of animals, browsing through his Facebook or 500px page shows off his varied projects and talents.


This photo is actually Bahou’s favorite photo of all. It captures the rare beauty of a blue-eyed Arabian horse perfectly.


The Dictator

This grumpy Persian kitty cat is grumpy but oh so cute!


Rob Bahou actually submitted this photo in a Dutch photography magazine/website contest and ended up taking the winning title for ‘Photo Of The Year.’ Beating out 2,600 other entries, earning Bahou his first ever, and very much deserved, photography award.


Maffin lived through more than most full-grown dogs before he ever even turned one-year-old. Maffin was a homeless Moroccan street dog before he was moved to Pakistan, Lebanon, and Denmark. At last, he is now settled with his loving family in Amsterdam.




At only 10 months old, Lissie the pug was a little nervous about her private portrait session. Her uneasy nerves show through the portrait, making this sweet pug that much cutter.

The White Wizard

This pretty white dog’s name is Avalon; although the Swiss Shepherd is so smart he is referred to as “The White Wizard.”



This two-year-old husky is ready for whatever life throws his way.



According to Bahou, this cute little West Highland Terrier has some serious attitude.




Arabian horses are often playful and silly. But at only two-years-old Karim is stern and serious. Karim is also one of Bahou’s own horses.



Hurko is a gorgeous Dalmatian with a rather cool talent. Hurko is deaf but he understands and responds to sign language!


Like many frisky felines out there, Trisha is quite the diva.



A Bernese Mountain puppy is undeniably cute…


The Eldest Sibling

Four beautiful Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers pose for the camera as a pack.



Meet McKayla Maroney’s beautiful spirit animal.


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Photo Credit: Facebook500px