Meet The Extremely Photogenic Sheepdog Sisters That Love To Do Everything Together


Meet Sophie and Sarah, two gorgeous Old English Sheepdogs living in the Netherlands. These two photogenic sheepdog sisters are incredible models, and they are also the very best of friends. In fact, these two do everything together from celebrating milestone birthdays at McDonalds to watching picturesque sunsets side-by-side.

Cees Boll, the proud owner of Sophie and Sarah, is perfectly happy to follow the loving pair around and take photos of them as they go about their day-to-day routines. As an amateur photographer, Cees finds unlimited opportunities for great pictures with two photogenic sheepdog sisters hanging around all day.

Cees began taking photos every day and posting them to social media, and as a result Sophie and Sarah have gathered quite an impressive following. Instead of taking normal dog photos of them playing fetch or going for a walk, Cees captures the sheepdogs in more human-like scenarios.


Sophie and Sarah are related by blood, but they were born in separate litters. The two get along so well they might as well be attached at the hip. Sophie is 6 and Sarah is 4, and together they enjoy posing for the camera… but only because they get treats as a reward for their superior model behavior.


Cees photographs his dogs in a number of stunning locations, including the flower-filled fields of Sibculo in the Netherlands and the Austrian Alps.


In an interview with the Dailymail Cees said, “The main reason I take the photos is so I can make people happy and put a smile on their face – well, Sophie and Sarah do. In a world full of bad things, I found a way to make it a little bit brighter. And seeing people happy makes me happy.”

Cees is always pleased to receive messages from followers that solidify his pictures truly make a difference in the world. “We get a lot of messages about the pictures such as your pictures make my day, when I’m sad I look at your picture’s and I feel better, your photos make me happy and warm.”


Sophie and Sarah love to pose for their picture because they know a cookie will come as a reward. Although, when Cees first picked up Sophie from the breeder he was told she didn’t like to pose for pictures one bit. Today, Sophie is the superior poser, while Sarah tends to be more on the naughty side. She will pose, but it’s all for the cookies, and not just to please.


It’s not always just Sophie and Sarah; these long-haired cuties have other sheepdog friends as well.


In the photo below, Sophie and Sarah are pictured visiting McDonalds in celebration of Sophie’s birthday, they brought along sheepdog friends Jason and Ashley for some added fun.


You don’t have to be a sheepdog to kick it with Sophie and Sarah; these two are open to making friends with animals of all different breeds.


Can you spot Sarah and Sophie in the pack?


The Old English Sheepdog (OES) is a large dog breed that originated in England as a type of herding dog. This dog is known for its long fur coat, which often extends down over the eyes and face. This breed was once known as Shepherd’s Dog and Bob-Tailed Sheep Dog, and is still occasionally referred to as its nickname Bob-tail because the breed’s tail was traditionally docked.











Lucky for all of us, Cees has plans to publish a book full of Sophie and Sarah’s images.


You can check out Sarah and Sophie’s official website to see more picture-perfect photos from their many adventures.

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