22 Before-And-After Photos Of Pets Growing Up With Their Favorite Toys


As your pets grow up many things change but many things also remain exactly the same. Puppies, kittens and many other pets fall in love with a particular toy when they are young and never have the heart to push it aside for something new. Instead, they remain loyal to their first (and favorite) toy, treasuring it no matter how big they grow.

Each animal has his or her own preference for what makes a toy unforgettable. More than likely your own pet has an absolute favorite toy they can’t live without, just like the adorable pets on this list. Check out these super sweet before-and-after photos of pets growing up with their furever favorite toys!

1. The Cat & Croc Battle Rages On


Photo Credit: Dmitry Gudkov

2. It Doesn’t Have To Be A Fancy Toy To Last Forever, This Cat Just Loves His Old Shoe Box


Photo Credit: imgur.com

3. Mayo The Golden Is In It For The Long Haul With His Stuffed Lion


Photo Credit: imgur.com

4. 18-Months Later And The Duck Is Still His Favorite Sleeping Buddy


Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. “The Difference A Year And A Half Makes, For Both My Cat And His Toy Monkey”


Photo Credit: imgur.com

6. Stuffed Treasures


Photo Credit: Carrie Molina

7. Years Later And This Silly Toy Remains His Go-To Fav

My only question… what happened to the toy’s smile?


Photo Credit: Kristine Rivera

8.This Loyal Relationship Is 8-Months Long And Going Strong


Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. From Puppy To One-Year-Old The Stuffed Polar Bear Remains His Number One Cuddle Toy


Photo Credit: imgur.com 

10. Even After 8 Whole Months Rupert The Bear Is Eric’s Favorite Toy


Photo Credit: DanaM

11. Four Years Of Friendship And Counting


Photo Credit: imgur.com

12. Aint Nothing Like Trash To Keep A Cat Happy


Photo Credit: imgur.com

13. Still Sleeps With The Same Stuffed Friend


Photo Credit: DrLionzilla

14. Four Months Later And Remi Still Loves Her Yellow Chew Toy The Most


Photo Credit: Anna Nicoară

15. Mr. Frog Forever


Photo Credit: Sheena Villarraga

16. Gizmo And Pookie Have Been Best Friends For Over 7 Years


Photo Credit: PixelPixie

17. My Ducky, No Touchy


Photo Credit: imgur.com 

18. This Kitten Stole Her Favorite Toy Mouse From Her Owner’s Keychain, She Still “Kills” It Every Single Night


Photo Credit: Ania Uchnast

19. Rocky’s Favorite (And Very Worn) Toy


Photo Credit: hameen

20. Three-Years-Old And She Still Spends Long Hours Trying To Crack Open Coconuts


Photo Credit: imgur.com 

21. Her Toy Has Seen Better Days But She Still Loves It Just The Same, Just Like Any Loyal Friend Would


Photo Credit: imgur.com

22. Bell Will Always Love Her Goose


Photo Credit: Aubrey LaCrosse

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